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P.A.H.H. [d]

Preservation of American Hellenic History

About PAHH


PAHH served as a national umbrella website, or portal, from March 2002 to September 2007.

The publications by PAHH remain available here.

Read on for insights …

Meaning of the PAHH Acronym

PAHH stands for the Preservation of American Hellenic History.

Who we are

  • Sponsor:

    • This web-site was sponsored voluntarily by the Ascension Historical Society of the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Ascension, Oakland, California, on behalf of all.
  • Non-profit endeavor:

    • This is a non-profit, non-commercial, volunteer endeavor entirely.
    • We hold the .org domain-name:
    • We use the .com domain-name instead, because we feel that it is easier to remember:
    • Both versions come to this web-site:

Our original aims

  • to maintain this website as an umbrella site, under which local organizations may coordinate and publicize their activities with the shared commitment to preserve American Hellenic history.
  • to assist other communities to develop their own organizations with the same commitment.
  • to encourage individuals to retain their family and community histories.

Creation of this web-site

  • Decision for a web-site:

  • Launch of the web-site:

    • The PAHH web-site was launched in March 2002.
    • It was launched by sponsorship from the Ascension Historical Committee (as known then), and the Ascension Historical Society (as known now) remained the sponsor.
  • Web-site graphic / logo:

    • Inception
      The graphic, at the head of each of these web-pages, was designed by Harry Ahlas of Berkeley, California, for the launch of the web-site. The graphic has stayed in place since then.
    • Verbal Description
      A description about the PAHH web-site graphic explains the symbolism.
  • Welcome message:

    • Original
      The original welcome message, 2002, remains relevant.
    • Current
      The current welcome message, 2005-2007, is a slight revision. It reflects the subsequent development of the web-site.
    • Signatures
      The welcome message is signed by principals of the Ascension Historical Society, Oakland, California, and the Hellenic Cultural Association, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Subsequent development of the web-site

  • Growth:

  • Web Stats:

    • This web-site has received an average of about two thousand "original visits" each month since the launch — which is a modest estimate.
      • "Original visits" exclude any successive page hits by the same individual. "Original visits" also exclude robots, such as the Google search engine robots and others, that come to us regularly. If all of those were included, then the statistics would be many, many times greater.
      • In this way, the "original visits" should indicate a number of individual people who visit us.
      • Our calculation of about two thousand each month on average is a deliberately modest estimate.

The Freeze

  • Meaning / Effects:

    • This affects PAHH as a national umbrella site.
      • The website was "frozen" as a national umbrella site in September 2007.
      • The monitoring of national developments by PAHH has stopped; and so have the announcements about them.
      • The earlier material remains available for use here, nevertheless.
    • This does not affect the regional groups that continue to use the PAHH domain.
      • Some regional groups continue to manage their own web-pages here actively and creatively.
      • ~ such as the Ascension Historical Society, which sponsors this site.
  • Why? — the reason:

    • A web-master is needed for PAHH.

Future, possibilities

  • Regional:

    • Regional groups may maintain their own web-pages here. Whenever this occurs, their copyright dates will indicate it.
  • National:

    • Potential
      The web-stats indicate the potential. A national web-site of this sort is viable. Yes, it can be developed.
    • Creativity

      It can be developed creatively in order to keep up with the changes in the world-wide-web.

      Yes, a new web-master could revamp the site ~ while retaining some parts such as the memoirs (which are self-contained and fixed) and the active regional groups' pages (which are self-contained and self-managed).

    • Interested?

      • Tell us.
      • Yes, your message to PAHH will reach the sponsor, the Ascension Historical Society.


  • We look forward to hearing from you.
  • Send a message through the PAHH contact page.

Thank You

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