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Preservation of American Hellenic History

Original Welcome Message of 2002


We are happy to have you aboard!

Preservation of our American Hellenic history is continual. Organized groups are working in a systematic fashion. Unsung heroes are quietly squirreling away precious artifacts. There are also many thousands of "live museums". Yes, live museums ~ our own homes ~ museums of our daily lives and furnishings as well as our past.

Carrying this further, we may say that each of us is a living book. Each of us holds the memories of those who have gone before us, the experiences of our parents, our responses to historicalevents. In today's hectic world, however, few of us make the effort to record our own experiences. Let's do this.

The facilitation of dialogue throughout the country has finally been realized through this website. It is our purpose to establish dialogue among those of us who are already collecting and documenting. It is also our purpose to stress the importance of preservation and to assist others in organizing their own groups.

Our motto is "Have Portfolio, Will Travel." We have helpful material that is printed and ready to send, experiences to share, recommendations to offer.

We invite your participation.

You will find more information about us in our page About PAHH.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us.

Yours truly,

Mary K. Mousalimas
Ascension Historical Committee
Oakland, California

Chris Metos
Hellenic Cultural Association
Salt Lake City, Utah


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